Need a babysitter?

Short term child care services

The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare (MLL) offers you help with child care. The League’s child care service is meant to meet temporary and short term needs for child care assistance, around the clock, also on weekends.

The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare has a pool of babysitters. They are trained and suitable to work with children. A typical babysitter is a student under 20 years of age. In addition to initial training, MLL also provides advanced training, supervision and counseling to babysitters on a regular basis. Qualified babysitters hold a valid license issued by MLL.

Short term child care service is available for example when
• a child is ill
• a parent is ill
• the child’s permanent caregiver is ill
• a parent is on a business trip, in a meeting, or studying
• parents need a break for hobbies or to spend some time together

How to order a MLL babysitter?

Make an order through phone (Espoo, Helsinki, Kauniainen, Kerava, Kirkkonummi, Järvenpää, Lohja, Mäntsälä, Nurmijärvi, Porvoo, Sipoo, Tuusula, Vantaa ja Vihti):

Tel. 044 0303 301
 (mon-fri 8:00-12:00)

Make an order in web:

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Families employ the babysitters

• pay the babysitter 8,20 euro/hour. To ensure a safe journey home at late hours, they are expected to pay for a taxi or take the babysitter home themselves.
• pay the babysitter 8,20 euro/hour for the hours needed for meeting the family and children before the actual service
• pay the employer’s pension contribution (TyEL) of 24,20 percent (2014) of the gross amount paid to the babysitter (travel expenses are not included in TyEl). They should request babysitter’s social security number for payment. Payment can be made at following statutory insurance companies: Veritas, Etera, Ilmarinen, Tapiola, Varma, Eläke-Fennia, Pensions-Alandia. Many insurance companies have a web-service where payment can be made easily.
• if the payment for one specific babysitter is not more than 56,55 euro per calendar month, the family is not obligated to pay the employer's pension fee.
• if this monthly payment is more than 56,55 euro the pension fee must be paid of the whole amount paid to the babysitter.
• the babysitter’s part of the pension fee payment is either 5,55 percent (babysitters under 53 years of age) or 7,05 percent (babysitters over 53 years of age). The babysitter’s part of the pension fee can be subtracted from the payment given to the babysitter.
• take out an accident insurance if outside help is used at home on more than 12 days per calendar year.
• Unemployment insurance contribution
 Family has a right to deduct 0,5%(year2014)unemployment insurance contribution from 17 to 65 years old carers salaries. Family has to make a payroll amount report if they have a carer 12 days or more during one year. The report has to be made until the end of next year’s January either via or by calling to unemployment insurance funds customer service tel.0757570500. If family pays salaries more than 750€/year,the unemployment insurance fund will send an invoice considering unemployment insurance contribution, that is 0,75% (2014)of the paid salaries.
• can get tax credit for domestic costs, such as care giving work and household work. For more information about the tax credit, please go to

The babysitters are responsible for paying their taxes and for getting liability insurance.